Hereford Economic Development Corporation

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Hereford Texas is the Ideal Location for Expansion, Relocation, and Startup

Texas Panhandle

Located in the heart of the western Texas Panhandle, Hereford has proven to be a high-value, low-cost place to do business.  Local companies benefit from a unique blend of the affordability and flexibility of a rural area, along with many amenities typically found only in larger cities.  With its convenient accessibility , highly productive workforce, favorable operating costs, aggressive incentives, and vibrant quality of life, Hereford provides a fertile environment for businesses to grow and prosper. 

Sitting at the crossroads of major shipping routes that stretch in every direction, Hereford provides easy access to markets, customers, and suppliers.  Whether by highway, rail, or air, Hereford's transportation infrastructure facilitates fast, efficient flow of raw materials and finished goods across North America and the world.

*  Strategic logistical location nearly equidistant from the East and West coasts.

*  Proximity to metropolitan areas in Amarillo (50 miles) and Lubbock (90 miles).

*  Transected by major highway arteries US 385 and US 60.  Within minutes of I-27 and I-40.

*  Situated on the BNSF main East-West rail line with daily switching and piggyback service.

*  Home to municipal airport with 6,100-foot runway to accomodate corporate jets.

*  Just a short drive from two international airports in Amarillo and Lubbock.