Hereford Economic Development Corporation

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Grow Your Business In Hereford Texas

Pro-Business Government

Hereford has a growing reputation as an aggressive, highly competitive community for economic development.  Local government is committed to minimizing tax burdens and cutting red tape in support of new companies and existing industry.  To facilitate these initiatives, the Hereford Economic Development Corporation offers a variety of generous incentives for qualified projects.

*  Tax Credits/Exemptions/Abatements

*  Discretionary Cash Grants

*  Financing Programs

*  Workforce Training Funds

*  Texas Enterprise Zones

*  Low or No-Cost Land

Low-Cost, Business Friendly Business Environment

Hereford's low operating costs and favorable tax structure make the community one of the most cost-effective locations to do business in the nation.  On all levels, Hereford presents significant cost savings in taxes, labor, utilities and real estate, enabling companies to minimize expenses and maximize profitability.  Attractive state level policies, such as no income tax and limited regulation, further enhance our business environment.  Texas is consistently rated the #1 Best State for Business.


Hereford has a rich traditon of skilled, hard working, and dependable employees.  Hereford businesses draw from of a pool of over 200,000 people within the commuting area.  This area is filled with diverse skill sets, education, and experience levels.  As part of a right-to-work state, wage rates in Hereford are below national averages.  Nearby colleges and universities play a key roll in generating talented and well trained employees for local companies. 

Utilities - Water/Sewer

The City of Hereford is served by wells drilled into the Ogallala, Santa Rosa, and Dockum Auqifers.  The water system is supplied from overhead towers of 900,000 gallon capacity and ground storage of an additional 6.1 million gallons.  The maximum daily capacity is 14 million gallons with a peak load of 7 million gallons.

Storm and sanitary sewer systems are in place and sewage treatment is via a primary/lagoon system with a capacity of 180,000,000 gallons, presently operating at 50 percent load.  

Solid waste disposal is by landfill and transfer with contracted regular trash pickup with the City of Hereford.

Utilities - Electricity/Natural Gas

Electric Power is supplied by Southwestern Public Service Company and distributed to the city by Xcel Energy, while distribution to rural customers is provided by Deaf Smith Electric Cooperative.

LP Gas is supplied by local distributors

Utilities - Communication Technology

Hereford is a SMART COMMUNITY.   West Texas Rural Telephone Cooperative and their subsidiary, WT Services provides fiber to the premises (FTTP) throughout Hereford and the surrounding area.  They are capable of providing 1 Gig, or more, of data over fiber optic cable.  They service a 2,600 square mile area in and around Hereford.  IPTV, voice communications, and enhanced 9-1-1 services are also available.